Alternative vocational experiences for young people

Alternative vocational experiences help young people try different jobs, and develop work skills to prepare for work.

We offer a range of vocational opportunities and experiences to help develop work, social skills and independence.

We approach local employers on your behalf to make sure they can offer a suitable vocational experience to meet your needs.

You could also join our community projects.

There are lots of opportunities to choose from:

  • Work at a local business on a long or short term work placement
  • Work in the community, choose from gardening, woodwork, arts and crafts or join the recycling project.
  • Gain a recognised qualification – ASDAN qualifications offer flexible ways to accredit skills for learning.
  • Join the work preparation club to learn how to put a CV together, search for a job, complete a job application and prepare for an interview

Whatever you choose, the Wellbeing Service offers dedicated support.

Contact the Wellbeing Service to find out how to take part.

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