Oldham Central

Complementing the Cultural Quarter’s Gallery Oldham, Library and Lifelong Learning Centre, proposals for a relocated Coliseum Theatre and a new Heritage Centre will help transform the Oldham Central area.

Over a million pounds of funding has been secured to take forward the plans for the site.

  • £465,000 Arts Council development Grant towards the new theatre
  • £615,000 Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) development grant for the Heritage Centre element
  • £800,000 Oldham Council funding to develop detailed second stage bids for a further £8.3 million

The physical links between the new Coliseum Theatre and Heritage Centre and the existing Gallery Oldham and Oldham Library will create one seamless arts facility sharing a wide range of audiences.

Plans for the new theatre and heritage centre are now being developed in more detail, in preparation for second stage bids to the HLF and Arts Council.

A design team is being assembled to help with this task, with a range of consultants and experts being procured during 2013.

During 2014 and 2015 we will submit stage two bids to the HLF and the Arts Council.  If we secure the funding we need in 2015, we will then appoint a construction partner to build the New Theatre and Heritage Centre, which we hope to be completed by November 2017.

Sectional view of proposed new Oldham Heritage Centre and Oldham Coliseum Theatre

Sectional view of proposed new Oldham Heritage Centre and Oldham Coliseum Theatre


This is a prominent location adjacent to the Metrolink route and features attractive heritage buildings.


South of Union Street close to the Old Town Hall and incorporating the Cultural Quarter Gallery, Library and Lifelong Learning Centre.

New West End: Arial view of site.

Oldham Central: aerial view of site.

Site size:


Site condition:

Mixed use civic, commercial and retail buildings some of which are vacant or under-used plus car parking.

Key land ownerships:

A mix of Oldham Council and privately owned properties.

Council owned and controlled property around the New West End Site.

Council owned and controlled property around the New West End Site.


New theatre, heritage centre, related leisure uses including family oriented restaurants. Cultural, creative and digital industry business premises.


Within the designated Town Centre Boundary, the area includes listed buildings and is partially within the Town Centre Conservation Area. The Metrolink route is protected.

Regeneration aims and objectives:

This area will become Oldham’s theatre land and cultural area with magnificent high profile theatre and heritage centre buildings next to the Metrolink route through the Town Centre.

Benefitting additionally from super fast Next Generation Broadband provision, new creative, cultural and digital industry businesses will be encouraged.

Specific project objectives include:

  • Townscape Heritage Initiative improvements
  • Fully utilising the existing vacant or under used Old Library, Museum and Post Office heritage buildings
  • Relocation of the Coliseum Theatre
  • Creation of a Heritage Centre
  • Attractive public realm improvements to the frontage of the new buildings along Union Street
  • Full engagement with the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Arts Council

Landmarks around the new west end site

Landmarks around the Oldham Central Site.

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