Oldham Profile

Oldham In Profile is our overview report on Oldham, containing summaries of Oldham’s history, people, economy, health, education and more. This document was last updated in January 2019.

We recommend Word format if you would like to reuse information in other documents. However, there can be issues with earlier versions of Word, hence the PDF version is also supplied.

Oldham’s Economy

Oldham’s Local Economic Assessment

The definitive economic research statement on Oldham is in three sections

Wards and Districts

Ward profiles for each area can be found on our neighbourhood pages

There is also a spreadsheet containing the profile data:

Oldham’s People

For definitive facts and figures, we have produced a series of census 2011 reports

We also produce a bi- or tri-annual You And Your Community Survey, which gives more insights into Oldham’s people:

Poverty and Inequality

The Indices of Deprivation were last updated in September 2019. 
Note that due to national data quality issues, caution should be used in using Crime and Living Environment domains in particular.


The latest health analysis about Oldham:

Basic Maps

Digital Oldham

This report shows a comprehensive view of broadband and mobile availability and usage in Oldham, together with information about how Oldham residents are likely to use the internet and interact with services.