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Chadderton is a diverse area, with farmland, industrial and commercial land use, parks, public buildings, and shopping areas.

There is a strong sense of cultural and historic pride in the area.

How decisions are made about your neighbourhood

All the elected members for the Chadderton District Wards regularly come together as the District Executive to discuss and make decisions about things that affect local people.

The District Executive sets the local priorities in the District Plan, and works closely with services and partners to achieve these priorities.

Its led by the District Executive Chair, who is supported by the Vice Chair. The Chair and Vice Chair champion the interests of the district at a borough-wide level and support many important events and initiatives throughout the district.

Meet with the District Executive

District Executive meetings are open to the public to come and observe. You can also submit questions to your elected members to be answered at the District Executive meeting. The minutes and agendas of these meetings are all available on-line.

If you would like to submit a question to the District Executive you can do so by letter, email or in person up to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the meeting.

Challenge a decision made by the District Executive

If you disagree with a decision made by your District Executive, you can collect 100 signatures to force the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to review the decision.

There are some exceptions, details available in the petition template.

Priorities for Chadderton

  • Hold 6 family fun days to encourage people to get more active, live healthier lives and make full use of the local parks within Chadderton.
  • Support our voluntary groups to lead on community events and access local funding streams
  • Commitment to improving pedestrian and traffic safety
  • Help local groups and community members to improve, enhance and maintain the local environment
  • Provide locally based sessions for young people who may benefit from a counselling service. 'Off the Record'
  • Ensure that local people know more about what's happening in their area, and are able to have their say, through the various community networks and groups, active loveChadderton facebook page and the e-newsletter for the area
  • Invest in crime prevention measures and support residents to feel safe in their local area
  • Enhance the delivery of activities to reduce isolation and loneliness
  • Provide locally based sessions for residents in need of financial or legal advice
  • Maintain the gardens at our Town Hall to ensure that are in keeping with the standards expected with such a magnificent building

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Your District Team

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Councillors and ward surgeries

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