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Recording of live council meetings

This meeting will be recorded for live and/or subsequent broadcast on the Council’s website. 

The whole of the meeting will be recorded, except where there are confidential or exempt items and the footage will be on our website for five years. 

This activity promotes democratic engagement in accordance with section 100A(9) of the Local Government Act 1972.

The cameras will focus on the proceedings of the meeting. As far as possible, this will avoid areas specifically designated for members of the public who prefer not to be filmed.

Disruptive and anti social behaviour will always be filmed. 

Questions that we were unable to ask during the Full Council meeting due to time constraints

Question Response
Why spend a fortune on removing fly tipped rubbish, when all you have to do is fit 1 CCTV camera on the top of Henshaw Street by the circle then start fining the fly tippers - David Kennedy A CCTV camera is only useful where the culprit shows sufficient detail to the camera to enable them to be traced. There is also considerable resource needed to watch the numerous sites across the borough where CCTV is placed which also needs to be factored and therefore we have implemented a programme of CCTV interventions which can be managed to give the best results in terms of tracing those responsible for flytipping.