The Duty Officer is a useful first point of contact and will:

  • Advise on matters of procedure and process
  • Provide, where possible, help with the interpretation of plans and drawings
  • Comment on changes of use
  • Advise on permitted development rights
  • Explain planning policy for extensions and alterations to domestic dwellings
  • Explain planning policy for small-scale commercial developments
  • Explain planning policy small-scale advertisements; and 
  • Advise on minor external alterations to commercial properties

Most site specific enquiries cannot be addressed without the benefit of thorough research, consultation and a site visit.  The Duty Officer is therefore unable to deal with such enquiries and you will be asked send in your full details and a full description of any proposed scheme (pre-application proposals).

The Duty Officer will not:

  • Provide written advice (for smaller scale proposals you are advised to submit a Certificate of Lawfulness application for consideration or consult the Planning Portal
  • Discuss any larger-scale development proposals (in this case you will need to submit pre-application proposal in writing)
  • Discuss with applicants or agents the technical merits of current applications, recently refused applications or appeals. In this instance, an appointment should be made with the relevant Case Officer
  • Decide minor amendments to planning permissions

Any advice given by the duty planner does not indicate any formal decision by the Council as Local Planning Authority. Any views or opinions expressed are given in good faith and to the best of ability, without prejudice to the formal consideration of any planning application following statutory public consultation, the issues raised and evaluation of all available information.

Should you have a specific query about a particular planning application or appeal, you should contact the Case Officer using the contact details, where it will be possible to arrange an appointment with them if necessary.