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Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) Energy Efficiency Scheme

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is a mandatory government carbon tax scheme for large organisations. Oldham Council qualified to participate in Phase 2 of the scheme as our baseline electricity consumption is over 6,000MWh per annum. The purchase of carbon allowances costs the Council several hundred thousand pounds every year to comply. The Council is implementing ways to reduce its energy use, to reduce its energy bill and the cost of its CRC allowances.

Climate Local 

Climate Local is the Local Government Association’s campaign to encourage local authorities to act on climate change, and is the successor to the Nottingham Declaration on Climate Change. Oldham Council signed the Climate Local commitment in August 2014, and submitted our Action Plan in March 2015.

Generation Oldham

Oldham Council’s pioneering community energy support programme, Generation Oldham, was launched on Wednesday 3 December 2014. The programme aims to help establish a new Oldham energy company working on cooperative principles, with an ambition to become an energy supplier offering a social tariff to fuel poor neighbourhoods. The programme also aims to build links with the local low carbon business sector, and provide training and employment opportunities for young people.