5. Your Oldham - #YourLocalLeaders

We have lots of information if you’re interested in finding out more about Councillors in Oldham and the decisions that are taken by them. 

Watch Council meetings

We encourage residents to get more involved and contribute to what's happening in their communities. You can ask questions at a Council meeting or Committee meeting. You can also watch Council meetings as we stream these live on our website

Take up a local leadership role

Local Councillor

If you care about the area that you live or work in and the issues facing local people, why not think about becoming a councillor?

Oldham Youth Council

If you're under 18 you could stand for election to the Oldham Youth Council. The Oldham Youth Council is an elected group of youth councillors who are involved in decisions that affect young people in Oldham and represent the views of young people from across Oldham.

Youth Councillors are elected to the Oldham Youth Council every 2 years and run a number of campaigns each year which affect the lives of young people. The group is supported by our team of youth workers.

Could you be a school governor?

School governors represent the largest volunteer force in the country with approximately 1% of the adult population serving in this capacity at any one time. To become a school governor you can either contact the school where you would like to become a governor or contact the Governors Business Support Service at Oldham Council at gbsupport@oldham.gov.uk

Register to vote and take part in elections, helping influence decisions in your local area

You must be on the electoral register in order to vote. Being registered to vote increases your chances of getting applications for credit or a mortgage accepted. Everyone is responsible for registering themselves. You will need your nation​al insurance number to hand.