Principles of engagement | Principles of engagement | Oldham Council

Engaging citizens is the key to the commissioning and delivery of high quality services that are valued, accessible, and tailored to meet the needs of the residents who use them.

Engaging communities, groups and individuals empowers citizens, enabling them to feel that they can exercise their role in local democracy and have more control over their lives.

Oldham Partnership is the local strategic partnership for Oldham. The Oldham Partnership is fully committed to ‘engaging Oldham’ and will be guided by a set of shared principles when doing so.

The principles of engaging with Oldham

Doing things once

Communicating between ourselves to ensure we carry out co-ordinated engagement activity as a partnership wherever possible, to maximise the value of the activity, reduce duplication, and save resources

No one left out

Ensuring that the range of citizens with whom we engage is as broad and inclusive as possible and aiming to remove barriers to participation

Appropriate methods

Tailored, targeted, and appropriate engagement activities, that are designed around meeting the needs of the citizen


Being upfront about the purpose of the engagement and the constraints on the options available.


Exchanging data and findings between ourselves to underpin the One Oldham approach to service delivery for all our communities


Reviewing and evaluating the results of all engagement activities to ensure that the original outcomes have been met


Communicating the outcomes of engagement activities to those who participated in the activity, as well as publishing the results more widely