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These questions will help you form the scope of your engagement.

Aims and outcomes

  • What do you want to learn?
  • What unintended consequences could arise from this engagement?
  • Has your planned activity got clear aims and outcomes?


  • Responsibilities - who will do what and who will lead?
  • Who do we want to engage?: e.g. service users, their families, specific communities, whole population
  • What, if any, expectations exist amongst 3rd parties of our engagement on this?
  • What, if any opportunities might exist for engagement in co-operation with partner agencies?
  • What opportunities are there to involve local councillors in your engagement activities?

What is already known?

  • What other engagement activities are being planned with this target group?
  • What engagement have we or partners already done on this issue?
  • What do we already know about this issue?
  • What existing sources of information exist to provide intelligence on this issue?
  • Has this activity been undertaken recently by another organization?

There may be useful data on the following websites:

When re-using research you need to consider the aims of the activity, how old the research is, and who the original activity was aimed at.

Issues and constraints

  • How contentious is the issue under consultation?
  • What, if any, legal obligations to engage apply?
  • What are the constraints? - i.e. what are the ‘givens’ which those we engage with are unable to influence?


  • Do you have a preferred methodology in mind?
  • What kind of engagement are we running: Informing, Consulting, Negotiating or Participating?
  • Is the issue in hand strategic or operational in nature?
  • Is the method you have chosen the most appropriate (e.g only carry out a consultation if people are able to influence the decision, otherwise it is straightforward giving information)
  • Have your materials been assessed for accessibility and readability according to the intended audience?
  • Do you think any specific action will be required to reach equality target groups?
  • Which type of engagement does your project fit into? (Giving information, Community consultation, Community involvement)

Time and money

  • What timescales (if any) apply for this work and what will be the key milestones?
  • Is there a budget for this engagement? If so, how much and where does it sit?

Feeding back results

It is important to feedback the outcomes of your engagement activity to those who participated in the activity, as well as publishing the results more widely.

  • Where will results be published?
  • How will the results be distributed to participants?
  • How do you propose to feed in results to decision making?