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As a dog owner it is your responsibility to prevent your dog from straying.

Make sure that your dog is well contained at home

Your garden fence should have no gaps in it and must be tall enough to prevent your dog from jumping over it. If your dog is prone to digging under the garden fence, then attach a strip of chicken wire to the bottom of the fence and bury it.

If you have a gate, it should be self-latching so it cannot be left open accidentally. If you cannot securely fence your garden, then you could keep your dog in a pen. This must be big enough for the size of your dog and should be built in a quiet, sheltered area, away from a neighbour’s fence or a busy footpath.

Walk your dog

When exercising your dog in a public place, ensure it is supervised by a responsible person that is able to control the dog at all times. Keep your dog on a lead if it is nervous of traffic, people or other dogs. Make sure that it has a correctly fitting collar and lead.


Every dog to wear a collar with the name and address of its owner attached to it whilst out on a public highway.


Microchipping your dog provides an additional means of identifying it.

Reporting a contained stray dog

If you are reporting a contained stray dog please call Animal Wardens on 0161 334 0042 or email them at