Falls from height

Every year, falls from height account for around 70 deaths and 4000 major injuries.

One of the main causes is falls from ladders.

To help prevent falls, employers should consider the risks to all their workers, make sure they are trained and have suitable and safe equipment for the tasks they are performing.

They should consider whether the job needs to be done at height or whether the task can be performed at ground level.

If the task needs to be done at height then it should be properly managed and supervised.

Protection measures

Employers should also see that sufficient protection measures (e.g. suitable and sufficient personal protective equipment such as fall arrest systems & harnesses) are in place while people are working at height.

Other considerations for employers are:

  • Do you carry out simple maintenance or cleaning tasks that require working at height?
  • Do you have the most appropriate equipment for the task?
  • Is it safer to use an access tower or mobile elevating platform rather than a ladder?
  • Do you know what work is done at height and whether there are other considerations i.e. fragile materials?
  • Are employees trained in the use of the particular equipment they use for work at height?
  • Is the equipment used (harnesses and access ladders /scaffolding) checked on a regular basis?
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