Wait! Do you need to apply?

New regulations mean you may not need planning permission to carry out certain types of work.

Apply online

Extensions (Householder)

For single-storey rear extensions between 4m and 8m for detached houses, and between 3m and 6m for all other houses.

All other applications

On the Planning Portal you can:

  • Apply for planning permission
  • Create a site location plan (compulsory for all applications)
  • Attach supporting documents (such as plans or photographs)
  • Pay the application fee online

    Apply by post

    Your application must be accompanied by three copies of plans of the site, the required supporting documentation, the completed form and the fee.

    The Government have provided National Information Requirements which apply to all planning applications.


    Applications for alterations to/extension of dwellings:

    Full planning permission

    Includes change of use and conversion (excludes householder developments).

    Outline planning permission

    All matters reserved:

    Some matters reserved:

    Advertisement consent

    Conservation area consent

    Listed building consent

    Lawful development certificates

    Establish that an existing/proposed use or development is lawful.

    Existing use or operation:

    Proposed use or development:

    Prior notifications

    Notification of a proposed development.

    Agricultural development - proposed building:

    Agricultural development - new road:

    Agricultural development - excavation/waste material:

    Proposed telecommunication development:

    Proposed demolition:

    Reserved matters application

    Removal or variation of condition

    Approval of details reserved by condition

    Extending the time limits of existing planning permissions

    Application for non-material amendments following planning permission