4. Moston Brook sewer improvements

United Utilities have designed a scheme that will clean up and improve the existing sewerage discharge into Moston Brook. This will help to protect and enhance the local environment.

Currently, at times of heavy rainfall, the sewer network in Failsworth struggles to cope, resulting in storm water and sewerage related litter discharging into Moston Brook.

Following the improvement works, the sewer will be better able to manage storm water during heavy rains.

This will eliminate sewerage litter spilling into Moston Brook in the Hale Lane area, improving the environmental quality of the brook.

About the improvements

The improvement scheme will involve the construction of a new overflow sewer along Hale Lane.

The sewer will be constructed using the latest trenchless technique - tunnelling under Hale Lane so that once the works are complete there will be very little above ground evidence.

All working areas will be restored to their previous condition and any trees that have been removed will be replaced.

Work started in April 2011 and will take approximately 6 months to complete.

There are two working areas and a site compound off Hale Lane, which will be there for the duration of the works.

Two new manhole shafts are being constructed within these work areas, situated at the corner of Welling Road and the corner of Hughes Close.

Once these shafts are in place tunnels will be built under Hale Lane to link these together and then connect into the existing large diameter sewer.

Access to Hale Lane

There will be a temporary lane closure at the bottom of Hale Lane, vehicles will be able to access Hale Lane in both directions for the duration of the work.

Pedestrian access will be maintained at all times.


For further information on the scheme and public exhibition, please contact United Utilities.

  • Phone: 0845 746 2200 (quote project number 80018788)

Map of planned improvements

Moston Brook sewer map