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Oldham Local Studies and Archives holds a range of sources with information about World War One, World War Two and the Spanish Civil War.

The codes are classifications to help find the item on the open shelves or when you request an item from a member of staff. 

World War 1

Research history, read stories about local people who fought in World War One, look at images from the First World War and upload your own stories. Just visit:


Across Greater Manchester, volunteers, archives and local studies services are remembering the impact of the First World War on local communities, by exploring the archives, discovering and sharing stories on the GM1914 blog.

Archives about WW1
  Oldham Pals 24th Battalion Manchester Regiment

Books about WW1
Book details Contents/Description Code 
Mitchinson, K W. Amateur Soldiers: A History of Oldham’s Volunteers & Territorials, 1859 - 1938
(Jade, 1999)
Lists men of the 10th Manchesters who were killed in action, died of wounds or disease. LVF:LTF:LR
Mitchinson, K W. Saddleworth 1914 - 1918: The experience of a Pennine Community during the Great War (Saddleworth Historical Society, 1995) Pages 178 - 237 have biographies & photographs of men named on the memorial on Pots & Pans, Saddleworth. LRF:FZ
Mitchinson, K W & McInnes, Ian.
Cotton Town Comrades: The story of the Oldham Pals
Battalion 1914 - 1918

(Bayonet, 1993)
Pages 183-290 have biographies of Comrades. LTFH
Oldham War Roll of Honour

Portraits of Soldiers & Sailors of the Oldham District from the Oldham Chronicle. LRF
Our Local Heroes: Portraits of Soldiers and Sailors of the Oldham District Oldham Chronicle Supplement January 1915 - December 1916. LRF
Pendlebury, Mary. Our Local Heroes: Portraits of Soldiers and Sailors of the Oldham Distict A name index to the 14 supplements published by the Oldham Chronicle in 1915 and 1916. LRF
Rogers, DC. Waterhead War Memorial Lists names on the Roll of Honour in Waterhead Parish Church. MN:RI:FUW
Rogers, DC. Waterhead War Memorial Part Two. Includes the Roll of Honour of those who died in the Great War Lists Roll of Honour Waterhead and District with biographical information. MN:RI:FUW
Soldiers Died in The Great War 1914 - 1918 Part 59. The Manchester Regiment
Hayward, 1989.
Lists soldiers killed, place of birth and date of death. LRF
Thomas, Freda. Crompton War Memorial: Names of the Fallen World War One

Lists names on Crompton War Memorial. MN:FV:LRF
Wilde, Herbert (Editor). The Oldham Battalion of Comrades
(24th Battalion Manchester Regiment) Book of Honour
(Sherratt & Hughes, 1920)
Honours awarded, photographs of each Platoon & Rolls of Honour of some Companies in Oldham. LTFH
The National Roll of the Great War 1914-1918 Section XI Manchester LRF
Pamphlets about WW1
Pamphlet details Contents/Description Code 
Campbell, Capt. G. L. The Twenty-four Battalions of the Manchester Regiment 1915 List of Honours & Casualties of the War 1914 - 15. LTF
Campbell, Capt. G. L. The Manchesters 1916
List of Oldham Soldiers. LTFH:LTF: LRF
Crompton Urban District Council
Unveiling and Dedication of Crompton War Memorial
(April 1923)
Names of Fallen from Crompton/Shaw MN:FV
Failsworth War Memorial: Unveiling of the Cenotaph (1923) Roll of Honour of Failsworth Men MN:EN
Imperial War Graves Commission.
War Graves of the British Empire
Register of names of those who fell in the Great War and are buried in Cemeteries & c Churchyards in S.E. Lancashire 1930 LTFH
Oldham Chronicle 28th June 1915. Dardenelles Death Roll Losses in the Oldham Battalion LTFH
Oldham Chronicle January 1915 - December 1916. Our Gallant Heroes Portraits of Soldiers and Sailors of the Oldham District who have been killed and those who have gained distinction on the battlefield. LRF
Oldham Corporation Tramways. ‘Welcome Home’ to our returned ex-servicemen (Christmas Day 1919) Roll of Honour 1914 - 19. WN:LRF
On the Heights of Pots and Pans: Unveiling of Saddleworth
War Memorial by Viscount Lascelles
Lists names on Pots and Pans War Memorial. MN:FZ
Royton War Memorial Description of Memorial and Names of Fallen
in Varley’s Royton Annual 1923.
Trinity Wesleyan Church and Sunday School
‘In Remembrance’
List of soldiers killed and those who served. MN:RO:FS:GK(KER)
Unveiling Ceremony by Viscount Lascelles
Saddleworth War Memorial
(October 1923)
Lists names on Pots & Pans. MN:FZ
Unveiling Ceremony at St. Chad’s, Uppermill (October 1921) Lists men of Saddleworth who gave their lives in the Great War 1914 - 19. MN:FZ
Varley’s Royton Annual 1916-1919
Roll of Honour of Royton men 1915-1918 and photographs of Soldiers killed in World War I
Lists soldiers killed, home address and age. LRF:FW
Archives about WW1
Description Code 
Oldham Pals 24th Battalion Manchester Regiment D - M2
CD ROM about WW1
Title Publisher 
Soldiers Died in the Great War : a complete and searchable digital database The Naval and Military Press Ltd, 1998
Other sources about WW1
Source Description
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
2 Marlow Road
Berkshire SL6 7DX
Records of all graves of Commonwealth Servicemen anywhere in the world.
Tameside Local Studies & Archives Centre
Central Library
Old Street
Ashton Under Lyne, OL6 75G
Records of the Manchester Regiment (Archive Collection Guide No. 10
Records of the Manchester Regiment).

Oldham Local Studies and Archives also holds local newspapers with information about WW1.

  • Oldham Chronicle
  • Oldham Standard 

World War II

Books about WW2
Book details Contents/Description Code 
Failsworth Historical Society and Failsworth Memories of War and Peace (1995) Includes names of the men and women of Failsworth who gave their lives in the Great War 1939-1945. LRG:EN
First Battalion: The Manchester Regiment
Malaya, Thailand, Burma, 1939-1945
Reprinted from The Manchester Regiment Gazette. Roll of Honour of soldiers killed in action or died of wounds. LTF
Oldham County Borough: Roll of Honour 1939-1945 Transcript of the Book of Remembrance located inside the War Memorial in front of Oldham Parish Church. LRG
R. Moses, 1995. Oldham County Borough: Roll of Honour 1939-1945. Surname Index
Surname Index to Roll of Honour LRG
J. Devereux and G. Sacker. Roll of Honour Land Forces World War 2 (Vol. 2) (2000) Roll of Honour Land Forces World War 2. LRG 
Pamphlets about WW2
Pamphlet details Description Code 
Primitive Methodist Sunday School, Waterhead.
Roll of Honour.
Printed list of soldiers of the Parish who died in World War II LRG
CD ROM about WW2
CD ROM details Description Note 
Army Roll of Honour - World War II - Soldiers Died in the Second World War 1939-45 The complete Roll preserved in the Public Record Office under reference WO304. You can search every element in each record.
Other sources about WW2
Source Description 
Commonwealth War Graves Commission,
2 Marlow Road,
Berks, SL6 7DX
Database of the graves of the members of the Commonwealth who were killed in the two World Wars
Public Record Office, Ruskin Avenue
Kew, Richmond,
Surrey, TW9 4DU
Roll of Honour (Class WO 304) for the War of 1939-1945 - Lists Army servicemen and women who died, giving details of rank, regiment, place of
birth & domicile.

Spanish Civil War

Books about the Spanish Civil War
Book details Contents/Description Code 
Crompton, Harry. The Oldham Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War: A short history
Unpublished dissertation (1987)
Includes Oldham Volunteers Roll of Honour LR 
Greater Manchester Men Who Fought in Spain: Collection of Essays by local writers (1983) Includes list of Oldham men killed in Spain and and an account of the War LR
Pamphlets about the Spanish Civil War
Pamphlet details Contents/Description Code 
Oldham Dependants’ Aid Committee. Kenneth Bradbury - Oldham Volunteer in the International Brigade killed in defence of Teruel, 20 January 1938
Biographical account. LR
Oldham Dependants’ Aid Committee. Joe Lees - Oldham Volunteer in the International Brigade Killed in action at Brunette, 18 July 1937 Biographical account. LR
Oldham Libraries, Art Galleries, and Museums
Oldham Men Who Fought in Spain 1936-1938
Oldham Local Interest Centre
Booklet to mark 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. Accounts of the ten men from Oldham who volunteered. LR 
Newscuttings from the Oldham Chronicle Memories of former members of the International Brigade and list of names of the six men from Oldham who died. Not applicable