It is legally possible to adopt a child from overseas.

There are arrangements in place between the United Kingdom and other countries to allow the safe and legal adoption of children from overseas for humanitarian reasons.

Our experience in Oldham is that we only have occasional enquiries about overseas adoption and so we have an arrangement with an agency called Intercountry Adoption Centre, which specialise in dealing with the varied complexities regarding inter country adoption. 

The Intercountry Adoption Centre will provide advice and information relevant to the particular country that you wish to adopt from, to help you decide if inter-country adoption is the right thing for you.


You will be entitled to the same preparation and support as people adopting a child from the United Kingdom. However unlike people adopting a child from the United Kingdom you will have to pay a fee for your home study. Information about these charges will be provided by the agency you chose to undertake your assessment.

There will be additional costs when arranging international adoption such as travelling to the child’s country of origin and various administrative charges. These will vary from case to case.

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