Most of our children have lived with their birth families but due to various circumstances have been taken into care and so live with foster carers until an adoptive family is found.

The birth family may have had problems like drug and alcohol dependency or difficulties in parenting.

The children may be removed as young children or older. They may be part of a sibling group. Children come to adoption with their own family history and cultural identity; all these factors will have an impact on their adoptive home. As adoptive parents you will need to be able to understand and accept the child’s background.

We always need adoptive families for:

  • Older children – four to ten years old
  • Sibling groups
  • Children with disabilities or special needs
  • Children with mixed ethnicity or from minority backgrounds

Will the child be local?

If you are approved to adopt by Oldham Adoption Service it is unlikely that you will adopt an Oldham child, Oldham is a small borough. This is for reasons of safety and confidentiality. Any child placed with you is likely to come from another area and local authority.

Oldham Adoption Service is part of a consortium called Adoption 22 which links local authorities in the North West region. As a result of this adoptive families and children needing permanent homes can often be matched regionally.

In addition to Adoption 22 we are part of a national data base called the Adoption Register, which aims to facilitate links between adopters and children across the country.