The Sensory Team supports people with a hearing impairment (deafness, deafened, hard of hearing).

You can get support and information about issues related to deafness, such as:

  • Paying for support Finding a support worker to help you live independently 
  • Traditional packages of care Links to advocates or counsellors, specialist resources, organisations and groups
  • Interpreters Getting involved in the community 
  • Advice on welfare benefits Assistance with education, employment or voluntary work Help with long and short stay residential care 

Practical support like technical equipment and/or advice which could help you to:

  • Know when someone is at your front door 
  • Be aware that your telephone is ringing 
  • Be aware of your smoke alarm going off 
  • Hear your baby cry in the night Hear people talk more clearly on the phone 
  • Hear the TV or radio 

How does it work? 

If you have been referred to the Sensory Team you will undergo an assessment to identify your needs.

If you are eligible for the service , the team works with you to arrange appropriate support. Even if you do not meet the criteria you may be able to get help with equipment.

Sessions at the Link Centre for Independent Living The centre provides services to help disabled people live independently.

Drop-in advice sessions with Technical Officers and Social Workers:

Wednesday 9am - 1pm British Sign Language users are there to help you.

Sessions are held at: Tandle View Court, Rochdale Road, Royton, OL2 5QT

Support can be given to help book interpreters.

Contact Sensory Team Postal address: The Link Centre 140 UnionStreet Oldham OL1 1DZ (Building closed to the public)

  • Tel 0161 770 4786
  • Fax 0161 770 6909 Referrals.

To make a referral, contact Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) Tel 0161 770 7777