Here you will find comments that you said and a response to what we did: 

You said We did
“Can you improve the information available to under five years?” In addition to the information that already existed for children under five, we have added more records  there are now 31 records of events and activities for 0 to five years which now include:


We have improved the information on the 'Preparing your Child for Primary School' web button - See it here

“Can you include a learning and employment button within the Autism category?” Learning and employment has been added to the Autism category and a web button created in Autism | Oldham Council
“We need more content information adding for improving sleep for SEND families” Additional content has been added to the improving sleep webpages Improving sleep | Oldham Council
"There are some web links that are not working" We have worked through the Local Offer and fixed weblinks that had broken and updated records.
Since lockdown began in March 2020, 91 new records have been added to the Local Offer site, including over 40 new services, websites or activities.
"We also want to connect on SEND services and providers more on social media" We have updated the data collection form for service providers who are on the Local offer Directory to now include a request for services to share their social media addresses which we will add to their public-facing record.
"We don’t see the SEND Local Offer advertised anywhere"

Please see the response to You Said We Did 2019

The SEND Local Offer communication strategy is an omnichannel experience that includes: leaflets and posters in schools’ settings and organisations; face to face signposting from professionals including SENCO’s as well as the SEND Local Offer website which can be accessed on multiple devices. Increased use of social media Facebook - I Love Oldham and Twitter @oldhamcouncil has also been used to raise awareness of the SEND Local Offer.

Website visits have been monitored and despite the Covid-19 pandemic usage remained high with an increase in unique users.
(comparison website usage between July 2019 and July 2020):

  • 1,493 Views of the LO homepage in July 2020 (2,053 in July 2019).
  • 972 distinct users were recorded in July 2020, a 14% increase from July 2019 (852).

Local Offer adverts have been added to:

  • Applying for Primary School Booklet
  • Applying for Secondary School Booklet
  • Family Information Service School Calendar
  • Family Life Magazine
  • Reception screens
  • Social Media
“We don’t understand the different types of childcare and holiday care and where to get the information”

A flyer was developed explaining the categories and directing to the correct webpages. This was shared with SEND professionals, organisations and the parent carer forum to help signpost parents

The Summer Activities 2020

Free Activities and places to visit

SEND Local Offer


Holiday care/club

Family Information Service

“Can you share information on how to prepare my child to be able to do work?"

The Learning and employment web button has been updated and also includes ‘Doing Jobs Around the House’ to support families in preparing and starting their child doing tasks that will help them when they gain employment college.

“How do we help families prepare when their child is starting in education or moving on in education?”

A Transition Advice (SEND) web button has been created to support families when their child is moving to a new educational setting, school or college

A transition guide covering a range of key transition points is available.

Information is also available through POINT, the parent/carer forum for Oldham.
“How can parents/carers receive regular updates from the Council SEND Officers and be able to ask questions about specific issues when I can’t attend meetings during the day?”

The Oldham Council SEND Team Manager has arranged with the Oldham Parent Carer Forum Development Manager to regularly attend the forum sessions.

The sessions have been reorganised to include a mixture of day and evening sessions, with the SEND Team Manager attending to ensure questions can be asked and answered. Any questions that can’t be answered during the session are taken away and brought back to the next session so feedback can take place.

This is proving to be popular and effective in addressing issues that may have escalated previously.

"What is the graduated response?” Including questions around the following:

  • SEN Support is confusing – where do I go for help?
  • How do I know what my child/young person’s setting should be doing to meet my child/young person’s needs?
  • What do I do if I don’t agree with the level of support school are offering?
  • What support is available? 
  • How will I know if it’s working? 
  • Where do I go when things go wrong?

The following work is underway:

Oldham Parent Carer Forum’s parent/carer representatives are working to create an online parent/carer pathway to help support the understanding of the Graduated Response for SEND and for this to be available on the Local Offer in the future.

he pathways aim is to help and support families understand what each stage of the SEN support cycle is, (assess, plan, do, review, which is also known as the graduated response.) from the early years right through to preparing for adulthood.  Animations and videos will be used to explain what the graduated response is, together with up to date information, guidance and useful resources that will help Oldham families to ensure their child/young person receives the support they need.  There will also be information on what to do when things go wrong.

The pathway will cover:

  • What is SEND?
  • How is SEND Identified?
  • What is the graduated response?
  • What support can I expect for my child/young person?
  • Working with Settings
  • Where to go when things go wrong? 
  • Useful resources

Oldham PCF are working with POINT, Oldham SEND Information and Support Service, OFSTED and Oldham Council to collaborate on the development of this project as part of the Graduated Response Toolkit development work outlined in the next box down.

“What support is available to help identify and meet the special educational needs and/or disabilities of my child?”

The Graduated Response Toolkit is currently available as an extensive word document on the Local Offer site and outlines strategies to help professionals and parents identify and meet needs of children and young people with SEND. 

The Graduated response toolkit is being redeveloped as part of the secondment by Ofsted Inspectors to the Council between May and 31st August 2020. The redevelopment work is being completed in co-production with a range of stakeholders from mainstream and special schools, colleges, specialist teachers, educational psychologists, parent carer forum representatives and other council officers who are members of the project reference group. 

The project to transfer and enhance the existing toolkit from the current word document into an online platform that provides clear pathways for different age groups, parents and professionals is currently in development and will be shared as soon as possible in the Autumn term, with further updates, video resources and enhancements planned for the 20/21 academic year

"What support is available to families of children and young people with SEND during the Covid-19 lockdown?"

A dedicated page has been created to provide easy access to the information and support available during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus: SEND Support for families, children and young people

This web page provides links to a wide range of information on the following topics and is regularly updated.

  • Preparing for returning to school in September
  • Free online parenting courses
  • Talking to children about Coronavirus
  • Government Coronavirus guidance
  • Emotional Health and Wellbeing
  • Home Learning Resources
  • Covid-19 impact surveys
  • Our pass - free bus travel across Greater Manchester
  • What’s on this summer

A range of providers continue to offer support for families and children/young people, all details are available on the Local Offer. We have provided regular weekly updates to all our providers to ensure they have the most up to date information in order to continue to support families based upon the latest national and local guidance