Activities and short breaks

Short breaks

Short breaks provide disabled children and young people with an opportunity to spend time away from their parents, relaxing with friends and having fun.

They provide families with a break from their caring responsibilities, giving parents a chance to unwind rest or spend time with other children.

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More complex needs

If you have tried the short breaks Local Offer (non assessed) activities  but they don't meet your child’s needs, you can contact the Social Work Team on 0161 770 3110 to find out if your child could have additional support.

Eligibility for additional support

To find out if your child can have extra support you will be asked if your child:

  • Lives in Oldham
  • Has a statement of educational needs
  • Receives the Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Is diagnosed with a disability (as set out in the Disability Discrimination Act and Equality Act 2010)


In order to access more support your child must have an assessment.

The assessment will be carried out by the Social Worker who will guide you through the process.

If your child’s assessment shows that they need more short breaks support, then an in-depth assessment will be carried by your social worker. The social worker then works with you to decide what would best meet your needs.

After the assessment a request will be made to the resource panel to ask for a short breaks service (see below).

Alongside the assessment process you will also be offered the opportunity to work on an assessment tool that will give an indication of score for a Personal Budget (if that is an option for short breaks support that you are interested in). Your social worker will discuss this option with you.

What kind of additional support is available?

Additional support is known as Family Support Short Breaks. Depending on your needs, the following may be available.

  • Independent Options - community support and weekends away
  • Netherhey St - six bed unit that provides overnight and day support
  • Personal Budget
  • Contract Carer - overnight and some day support provided in the carer’s home

How the Resource Panel works

Resource Panels decide if your child is eligible for extra support, known as Family Support Short Breaks.

Members of the panel will be given a referral which outlines details of your child's assessment, what kind of support you are requesting and your family circumstances.

The panel has at least a day before they meet to read the referral and get to know your case.

Each referral is looked at individually by the panel members who will discuss your request and whether it is reasonable and would meet your needs and improve your family life.

Your request will either be agreed, or an alternative may be suggested.

Your social worker may be asked to provide more information about your case.

All the details of the meeting are recorded and you are contacted with the outcome of the request.


If you are unhappy with the support you are offered you can make an appeal.

Contact the  Social Work Team Manager to make an appeal.

If you are still not satisfied, you can go to the Appeals Panel. The Appeals Panel is made up of the Head of Additional and Complex Needs Service for Children and professionals from Health and Social Care.

If you are still not happy then you can further appeal by contacting the Associate Assistant Director Family and Youth Support, or you can lodge a complaint following the Council's complaint procedure (See: Services for children and families complaints).


If you receive Family Support Short Breaks we will review them with you at least twice a year, to ensure the level of support is right for you.

You can also request a review and/or a further assessment of your needs at any time.

Eligibility for additional short breaks services and social care support for children with disabilities