Please note: Oldham Council are currently reviewing the Transitions service and processes to ensure that we are fully meeting the needs of young people in preparing for adulthood. 

Starting primary school

The first key transition is when your child moves into a reception class at primary school.

Many children will be supported by the the Early Childhood Services part of  the Preventative Services Team with this move into primary schools or the Kingfisher Community Special School.

The team will advise you and the school on what your child needs and whether your child should have need an assessment of Special Educational Needs.

For advice or support, contact the Additional and Complex Needs Service.

Starting secondary school

You'll get help to move from the school and Oldham Council’s School’s Admission Team to move your child into secondary school.

Contact the School Admissions Team or your school for detailed advice. If you need more help, contact the Additional and Complex Needs Service.

Starting further education

When your child leaves school they may choose to go into further education.

Contact the Connexions Service (see below) for advice on placements and facilities that are available. Health and social care will work together to make sure they are able to offer your child all of the personal support and services that they need.

Moving from children's to adult's services

The move from children’s services to adult services usually takes place before the young person reaches their 18th birthday.

Children with a statement of Special Educational Needs or additional and complex needs should discuss this transition from Year 9 (age 14) so that they, their parents and carers, school and adult services can prepare.

These discussions will usually happen at the time of the Annual Review of the Special Educational Needs Statement.

The school and the Connexions Service (see below) will organise the discussions. All the information will be captured in a document called the Transition Action Plan which will be looked at and updated at each Annual Review - this will be shared with the young person and their parents.

Transition Action Plan

The Transition Action Plan covers a young person’s:

  • Hopes and aims for the future
  • Skills they need to achieve their hopes and aims
  • Practical help and personal care needed
  • Future health and welfare needs
  • Need for involvement of other agencies

Support from the Transition Team

If a young person has been supported by Children’s Services they and their family will be supported through this process by Children’s Services and as they get close to moving into Adult Services by the Transition Team.

If the young person and their family have not been supported by Children’s Services prior to moving into Adult Services, the young person and family will be advised at the Annual Review what they need to do get additional support if needed in the transition into adult services.

The Transition Team is based at New Bridge Learning Centre.

  • Phone: 0161 770 1516

Positive Steps

Positive Steps career and support services provide a range of information, advice, guidance and employability support for young people in Oldham age 13-19 helping them to make a smooth transition to adulthood and working life through services delivered in schools, colleges and in the local community for those over 19yrs.