Draft SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2027 Consultation | Draft SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2027 Consultation | Oldham Council

We have been working with partners and stakeholders to look at how we improve the way children with special education needs and/or disabilities (SEND) and those who may require additional support have their needs met.

Part of this work is agreeing on a set of principles and priorities that will guide the way we work together across:

  • education
  • health and social care
  • commitments made to our children and young people
  • their families;
  • and the wider community.  

We have set this out in our draft SEND and Inclusion Strategy 2023-2027 and we are seeking your views on that.

Why your views matter

Views can help to shape the system over the next four years.  We want to make sure that this accurately reflects your views and captures the key principles and priorities that you think are important.

Please have a read through our draft strategy document.  

What happens next

After the consultation, we will take on board all of your comments, feedback, and suggestions and amend the strategy. We will then produce a final version that will go through council approval processes with a view to launching the final SEND strategy in spring/summer 2023.