The Governing Body of The Blessed Henry Newman RC College proposes to change the current oversubscription criteria.

The proposals are to change;

  • Baptised Catholic Looked After Children and Baptised Catholic previously Looked After Children. This has been spilt into 2 separate criteria in accordance with Diocese of Salford, Department for Education, Schools Admissions guidance for September 2021.
  • All Baptised Catholic children attending the following Catholic Partner Primary Schools or Baptised Catholic living in the borough of Oldham. 
  • Non-Catholic children attending a Catholic Partner Primary School as those schools listed above in criteria ‘b’ this was previously criteria e
  • Non-Catholic children who have a sibling living at the same address and who will be on roll at the College at the time of admission this was previously criteria h
  • Children of staff who are/have been permanently contracted to work at the College for a period of 2 years at the time of both application and of admission, or who have been recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage this was previously criteria f
  • Other Baptised Catholic children this was previously criteria g
  • Non-Catholic Looked After Children and Non-Catholic previously Looked After Children this is a new criterion as explained above in accordance with Diocesan guidance
  • Non-Catholic children living within the Oldham borough this is a new criterion
  • Other children

These proposed changes are for admission into year 7 in 2021.

Proposed admission arrangements 

Have your say

If you wish to comment on the proposed Admission Arrangements then please send your response in writing (using response form) to:


Post:  Mrs A Hodgin,
Newman RC College,
OL9 9QY 

Closing date

The consultation period is from Tuesday 8 October 2019 to Tuesday 19 November 2019.

After this period the Governing Body will consider any consultation responses and they will decide on whether to proceed with the changes. The Governing Body will note all that you say but will not be able to respond individually to response forms, letters or email submissions.

The determined Admission Arrangements will then be published on the school’s website by 15 March 2020.