Did you know that you are your child’s greatest teacher and that you play a vital role in supporting your child’s readiness for school?

Starting school for the first time is a big step for your child, you and your family.

It can be challenging, exciting and at times worrying -  but it is important to remember that no single factor determines whether your child is ready.  

Don’t worry, your child doesn’t need to be able to read, write or do sums before they start school.

Getting my child ready for school

To get off to a good start, you can help your child by ensuring they:

  • have good physical health
  • have strong social skills
  • have developing independence
  • can cope emotionally with being separated from their parents
  • have good language skills and are able to communicate
  • are relatively independent in their own self care
  • have a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn.

Information and resources

Pacey, the Professional Association for Childcare and Early years have produced a range of materials and resources designed for you to use to support your child.

These include a guide with tips and easy things that you can do on a daily basis:

You can also download a really helpful ‘Steps to Starting School’ poster which outlines some of the important skills that your child needs to have to get the best possible start.

More practical advice, resources and information for families about this big step can be found at:

If you are concerned about whether your child is ready to start school you can talk to your child’s Right Start health visitor, and other health professionals; they can provide advice and support.