Coronavirus: National lockdown

Stay home. Only go out for food, medical reasons, exercise, education or work. Avoid travel unless essential. You must work from home if you can. Schools and essential shops will remain open.

Coronavirus: Information and advice

Changes to bin collections over Christmas

There will only be changes to Friday bin collections over the Christmas period.

As usual, there will be no bin collections on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Bins due to be emptied on Friday, 25 December will instead be collected earlier - on Saturday, December 19 (except for food and garden containers).

Bins due for collection on Friday January 1 (including food and garden containers) will be collected a day later on Saturday, January 2.

Leaflets will be delivered to households in the areas affected and we’ll also be sending out reminders via our social media channels.

After the festive period, Christmas trees can be chopped up and put in green bins.

Alternatively, they can be dropped at Arkwight Street Recycling Centre or drop off points at Higher Memorial Park, Royton Park, Werneth Park and Churchill Playing Fields.

If your collection day doesn’t fall on any of the above dates then put your bins out as usual.