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Oldham Libraries are a partner in the Greater Manchester Build a Business programme.

Hosting regular workshops and events to support new businesses,  Oldham Libraries can offer new enterprises one-to-one support.

For more information about the business offer, to book a 1-1 session, and for any other business enquiries, please email:

BIPC Co-Working Space

The Business and Intellectual Property Centre in Oldham offers a Co-Working Space available for small businesses, community groups, local organizations and the general public, to use free of charge.

Visit this page to discover more information about the offer:

For more information or any further enquiries please contact:

Business Databases

Library visitors have access to a variety of powerful business databases and information resources. Whether you’re well-established or taking your first steps towards starting up, market research is vital to your business planning - you need to know who your potential customers and competitors are in order to plan effectively. Use our industry-standard business databases and save yourself time and money.


GrantFinder is the leading funding database in the UK and Europe, covering local, national, and international sources of funding for public, private, and community organizations. It will enable you to identify, apply for and manage funding. Features over 8,000 continuously updated funding opportunities.


In BIPC Oldham (Oldham Library, First Floor) only, please ask a member of staff to provide access to this database.

Local Data Online

Local Data Online has a team that is on the ground daily, physically examining every retail location across the UK to capture an accurate and dynamic picture of the UK high street. Historic analysis, present and future forecasts can be taken from this data, enabling businesses to make better strategic decisions.


In BIPC Oldham (Oldham Library, First Floor) only, please ask a member of staff to provide access to this database.


Extensive market research and market intelligence reports on a national level, covering a broad range of consumer and lifestyle markets in the United Kingdom. Covers beauty and personal care, health and wellbeing, technology, travel, e-commerce, leisure, home retailing and clothing and footwear markets.


Log on from any Oldham Library PC or the Oldham Library Wifi. - Website

Frost and Sullivan

Frost and Sullivan is a specialist market analysis database, focussing on the sciences and technology, providing in-depth global market research & strategy reports covering medical technology, chemicals & plastics, automation, electronics, energy systems, environmental and building technologies and IT.


Log on from any Oldham Library PC or the Oldham Library Wifi, and select campus login - Website


Statista is a worldwide resource containing reports, statistics, outlooks and infographics from over 22,500 reliable UK, European, North and South American and Asian sources on more than 170 major industries


Log on from any Oldham Library PC or the Oldham Library Wifi.


COBRA is a practical and comprehensive resource for anyone wanting to start a business, write a business or marketing plan or conduct research into a new market.


Log in from anywhere with your library card number at

3D Printing

Oldham Library has an Ultimaker 2+ 3D printer, located in the Creator Space on the first floor. All library members are able to submit a 3D design (as an .STL or .OBJ file) to We will then contact you to let you know how much your print will cost and wait for your confirmation before proceeding. We can deliver the finished print to the Oldham library of your choice.


The cost of a print is calculated as follows:

£1 per metre of material used (PLA)
50p per hour the 3D printer is running

Ask about business

Ask About Business is a partnership of library services across the Northwest with the aim of providing high-quality information and support for local businesses.

  • Ask about business - Web page for information on everything from business planning, marketing, workshops and help with tax queries.