How to become a market trader | How to become a market trader | Oldham Council

You can start up a market business in the market hall or on one of our open markets.

We have open markets on Oldham, Royton and Shaw.

The Market Hall

The market hall has 232 units and 20 shops. There is already a wide range of products and services that encourage shoppers to visit the market, but we're always looking for something different!

Each stall is approximately 10ft square.

The market hall is open Monday to Saturday, 9.00am – 5.15 pm.

Rent is payable in advance on the 1st of the month.

The Council does not issue long term leases but uses a tenancy at will. This means that traders are not tied in to a long period of time. You only have to give 1 week notice in writing if you want to leave.

Incentives for new traders on Oldham’s Markets

We’re offering new traders on our markets three weeks free rent when you trade for six weeks on all outdoor markets. Great if you’re just starting out, want to make some extra money or just expand your business. All you need to do is book a pitch for 6 weeks to secure the offer. 

For more information call 0161 770 4515 or email 

Open Markets

To trade in an open market you must apply to be a casual trader.

If your application is successful you'll receive a casual trader card.

You must present this card each time you wish to trade on one of our markets. You will also receive a copy of the markets terms and conditions. 

You are not guaranteed to be allocated a stall on the day which you attend a market but we will make every effort to try and accommodate you.

Some product lines are restricted on our markets - please contact the Market Office for details.

Licensed traders

After about 6 weeks you will be offered the chance to become a licensed trader (depending on your conduct and products sold).

Licensed traders have the right to rent the same stall on market and day and can set up their stall before 9.00am.

Licensed traders have a holiday entitlement of four weeks per year (i.e. if you trade on Saturday, you are permitted four Saturdays holiday).

If you are absent for 4 weeks and do not inform the Markets Office your license will be cancelled.