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Since its launch, the Green Dividend has supported 58 resident-led street greening projects right across the borough.

Hundreds of residents have signed up to do their bit, showing they love where they live through community gardening, greening and growing projects.

Harnessing this success, Oldham Council is pleased to launch Green Dividend Innovate, a fund focusing on greenspace innovation that builds on the ambitions of the Green Dividend Fund.

Projects could include rooftop gardening, creating more accessible shared spaces using renewable technologies, for example, using solar lighting to light a back alley, or creating wildlife habitats to promote biodiversity.

Even if you think your idea may not be suitable, contact our Green Dividend Team who will be happy to help you develop your proposal.


You can apply for between £500 and £5000 for any project. We ask that you breakdown the costs of your project, so the Green Dividend Team can see what’s needed and also consider if there are other ways or opportunities to support delivery of the idea or project.

Please only apply for the amount that you will need. Each group is limited to one successful application. If you are not successful in one funding round, you will be able to apply again in the next round.


There are three funding rounds in total.

  Status Application deadline date Results published
Round 1 Application open: 18 March 5 April 26 April 2019
Round 2 Application open: 13 May 31 May 21 June 2019
Round 3 Application open: 8 July 26 July 16 August 2019



Eligible organisations must:

  • Be a Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisation including small local community and voluntary groups, registered charities and social enterprises and co-operatives. If you are a group of residents who are not a VCSE organisation you can still apply for funding, but you will require the support of a local councillor who will act as a sponsor. The Council will administer funds on your behalf.
  • Be based or primarily working in the Oldham Borough.
  • Have an evidenced income of less than £500,000 a year

The process

The applications will be scored based on your answers. Please read the guidance for each of the questions and be clear and concise in your answers.


Q1 – What is your idea?

  • Provide an outline of your idea. We want to hear the story of how your community has generated the idea behind your plan.
  • How the money will be spent.
  • You might want to include some photos or other visuals to give the Green Dividend Team a clearer idea of what your plans are and what is needed.
  • It is really important to be clear about how the project will be maintained and looked after once it has been delivered. You need to include how this will be done as part of your application and expand on this in Q4.

Q2 – When will your project start and end?

  • This is asking you to give a time scale for the whole project, for example, this would need to include any community participation days, physical works, purchasing of materials, training etc. that you may have in your project.  

Q3 – What difference will this project make to your local area and the people who live there?

  • Please include how you will demonstrate the project’s success.
    • Describe the physical difference you are trying to make to the space. You can include before and after pictures.
    • How will you monitor the number of residents involved in the planning and delivery?
    • How will you evaluate the skills gained through the project?
    • How will you gather positive feedback on the project and its impact?
    • How will you show measure the number of residents accessing the space and/or decreases in incidents of anti-social behaviour?
  • What would be the long term changes and impact of your project?
  • Who and how many people will benefit from your project?

Q4 – How will you ensure the long term maintenance and sustainability of the project? Please include details of:

  • Management plans: i.e. volunteer rotas, seed sowing, other activities etc.
  • Long term plans for tree pruning, grass cutting, irrigation, weeding or maintenance.

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