Train to teach in Oldham

There are a wide range of opportunities within Oldham to train to teach.

Once prospective teachers have decided which subject and age group they want to teach, they need to consider the various different training courses. The one they choose will depend on their subject, qualifications, experience, and where they want to train.

All courses include a minimum of 24 weeks training in at least two schools and lead to qualified teacher status.

Most school-led and all postgraduate university-led courses include a postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE), a professional qualification they can gain while training towards qualified teacher status.

Successful trainees will end up qualified for a specific age range which may need to be checked with the provider.

Opportunities within Oldham

Oasis Academy Limeside

St Chads C of E Primary School – The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary School Direct in conjunction with Huddersfield University  

The Blue Coat C of E School and Cranmer Trust

Schools with Schools Teaching School – with Mills Hill Primary School