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11. Let your property through the Council

Are you a Landlord with and available property, why not contact the Council and let your property though our Bond Oldham Scheme? If you take pride in Oldham and want to help shape our community and housing market, then socially investing in Oldham via the Bond Oldham scheme is the way to go.

With the private sector under the microscope through growing legislation and regulation, taking the social route and working with the Council is a way to be sure that you are operating within the guidelines.

If you choose Bond Oldham you could receive these benefits

  • Choice of a well vetted tenants
  • No fees or admin charges
  • Assistance with Universal Credit and Housing Benefit for the duration of the tenancy
  • Professional and personalised service
  • Large number of potential tenants
  • Free tenancy advice and support
  • Advice and support on property management
  • Selective License advice and support (where applicable)
  • Available Bond for letting through us
  • Available incentive for letting through us

If you would like to receive these benefits, all you have to do is meet the Bond Oldham scheme requirements below

  • Gas Safety Certificate (current and satisfactory)
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC – minimum E rating)
  • Electrical Certificate
  • Confirmation of fitted smoke and carbon monoxide alarms
  • Habitable property free from Category One Hazards
  • Proof of Insurance

If you are interested and would like to help us Bond Oldham please contact us today on:

Tel: 0161 770 6583

Email: Housing.strategyprs@oldham.gov.uk

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