6. Domestic abuse

It may be that you are facing homelessness due to domestic abuse or hate crime. There are many forms of domestic abuse, including emotional, physical, mental and sexual. We will treat all reports of domestic abuse in a sensitive and confidential manner. We can offer support in terms of advising you of your tenancy rights, discussing security measures and possibly offering emergency short term accommodation and more permanent housing solutions.

The Sanctuary Scheme is a project operating in Oldham for people who are experiencing or have experienced domestic abuse and as a result have become or are likely to become homeless.

We help people to stay in their homes by providing extra security which can include locks on windows and doors, gates, CCTV and alarms.

If you need to speak to someone in confidence for help or advice, you can also contact our Specialist Independent Domestic Violence (including Honour Based Violence) Service on 0161 770 1573. Please don’t suffer in silence, recognise the situation and get help and support for someone.

Should you require emergency accommodation, one option may be to seek a place in a refuge. For more information about refuges, please see the following leaflet: