Avoid a local lockdown

Do not make visits to other people's homes or gardens. Restrictions on care home visiting are not being relaxed. Those who are shielding should continue to take extra care.

Latest information and advice

12. What do I do?

If you are homeless now or think you will be homeless soon the most important thing is to get advice as soon as possible. There may be things that can be done to prevent you losing your home and becoming homeless:

Contact us to book an appointment to talk to us or visit Housing Options

Housing Options

Civic Centre
West Street
Oldham, OL1 1UG
(For Sat Navs use OL1 1NL)

T: 0161 770 4605

E: housing.options@oldham.gov.uk





8.40 am - 5.00pm


8.40 am - 5.00pm


9.30am - 5.00pm


8.40 am - 5.00pm


8.40 am - 5.00pm

If you are made homeless when our office is not open, call our emergency number on 0800 988 7061

Or you can contact Shelter for free, independent advice.

Documents to bring

If you have made an appointment or are attending the Oldham Housing and Advice Service we will need to see some documents so that we can help you. When you contact us we will tell you which of the following will be best to bring.

Birth certificates (for everyone who is in your household)

  • Passport
  • Photo ID cards
  • Proof of income
  • Letter from home office or other documents which says you are allowed to stay in the UK
  • Proof of any benefits you are getting
  • Proof that you are pregnant
  • Copy of your tenancy agreement
  • Copy of any notice to leave the place you have been living
  • Bank statements and bills if you are being made homeless because of money problems
  • Crime reference number or other proof if you are being made homeless due to violence
  • Proof that you are disabled.

What happens next?

We will first try to keep you in the place you are currently living. We will do this either by talking to your landlord or mortgage lender, getting you advice on how to manage your money so that you can afford to stay in your home, or talking with your friends and family to see if they can help. If we can't do this, we will look at your case to decide if we can help you.

We will provide help, advice and support to prevent you from becoming homeless wherever possible.