Facing homelessness is stressful and you’ll need to know the options available to you. In many cases, by taking the right action straight away, your homelessness can be avoided.  

Getting behind with your mortgage or rent 

If you own your own home and you are having difficulties paying your mortgage or rent, you must contact your lender or landlord and discuss your situation as soon as possible. If you can’t pay the full monthly amount for your mortgage or your rent, then you should pay what you can.  

Remember, your rent or mortgage is a priority debt; it should be paid before any other debts or expenses. You should check that you are claiming any benefits you are entitled to, to help towards paying your housing costs.  Oldham Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help you with advice regarding debts and welfare benefits.

If you are thinking of selling or leaving your home, speak to your lender or landlord. You should also speak to Oldham Housing and Advice Service before you do this, as it may affect any decision we make if you need to apply as homeless.