3. Early Help Assessment

The Early Help Assessment is replacing the Family CAF.

It works very much like the Family CAF but is designed to help people to develop self-help and self-management skills in order to better meet their long term needs and to reduce their reliance on public services.

For many families and individuals services have tended to come into their lives and ‘fix’ things for them. They intervened to correct problems or directly meet needs. This has resulted in some families and individuals becoming over reliant on services leading to an expectation that things will be done for them or to them. For some they have never needed to learn to become self-reliant.

Experience with CAF, Family CAF and Intensive work with families has helped us develop a new, simpler and more intuitive, way for families, adults and young people to assess their own needs. It also enables professionals to work out ways to support them to take both ownership and control over their needs.

Training on the new Early Help Assessment is being rolled out across services from April 2015.

If you want to know more about the assessment or to find out about training please contact the Early Help Team

Early Help Team

  • 0161 770 6672