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2. PPE guidance

Throughout the Pandemic, unpaid carers have played an invaluable role in caring for their families and friends, stopping people from entering formal care, absorbing and reducing strain on the NHS and providing support for those they care for.  

We greatly value and appreciate the support that you as carers provide.  Following a recent change to Government guidance, we are now able to extend our offer of providing PPE to carers to include those who do not live with the person they care for.

To make this clearer, we are able to offer PPE to the following people;

  • Extra Residents Carers – those who do not live with the person they care for
  • Co-resident carers – those who live with the person they care for.  Please note that the offer of PPE for this group of carers is recommended but not mandatory.

The guidance recommends the use of face masks, gloves, aprons, and in some cases eye protection (if there is a risk of coming into contact with droplets) when caring for people and we can confirm that we have these items available from Oldham’s PPE Hub.

We have attached some guidance to this web page for you to refer to so that you are aware of how to use the PPE appropriately and safely.  It is vital that this guidance is followed to reduce the risk of transmission and to ensure that you are the person you care for, remain safe. Please take the time to read this information.

You can obtain this equipment from Oldham’s PPE Hub which is based in the Town Centre.  You can collect the equipment from us, or we can arrange delivery.  To place an order, please contact us on one of the following methods:

Email pperequest@oldham.gov.uk
Telephone – 0161 770 4874
Mobile – 07970 654512

The email and mobile number are available 24/7 to leave emails or messages.  The PPE Hub is open for PPE collection and distribution from 12-5 Monday to Friday.

If you have any queries regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact PPE Hub or the Oldham carers team:

Email - carers.service@oldham.gov.uk

Or on the following mobile numbers –

07515 192211
07515 192005
07527 642361
07703 750731

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