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We need you to act NOW. If everyone makes these small changes we can avoid a second lockdown. Stop meeting people outside your household. Wear a mask. Stop having visitors.

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What is microchipping?

A microchip is the size of a grain of rice, and has a unique number and contact information. The information is registered on a database for life.

If your pet is lost, a vet can scan your pet and find out your address.

The microchip is easy to implant, and no anaesthetic is needed.

A certificate will then be issued showing you as the owner.

Updating microchip information

Remember to tell the microchip company when your or your dog moves home, changes owner or gets a new phone.


Most vets can microchip your dog, and prices range between £20 and £30.

Dogs' Trust provides free or cheap microchipping.

Manchester & Cheshire Dogs Home offers cheap microchipping.