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2. Guidance for making a request for additional SEND funding

Additional SEND Funding is intended to facilitate full access to 15 hours free early education provision for 2, 3 and 4 year olds who have significant special needs or disability that are such that their needs cannot be fully met within Quality First provision.

Additional funding can be requested when there is evidence that high quality inclusive EYFS curriculum and a graduated approach of Assess, Plan, Do, Review cannot meet the child’s needs. 

Who is eligible?

Early Education and Childcare providers in the private, voluntary and independent (PVI) sector who:

  1. have signed Oldham Council’s Provider Agreement and are on Oldham’s Directory of Providers; and
  2. have a statement of SEN on a published Local Offer.

Funding requests will be considered by the Early Years Moderation and Decision Making Panel. The funding awarded varies depending upon the additional interventions required. The following table is for guidance only:

Level of Funding


Funding guideline

Category 1

If during the Assess, Plan, Do, Review cycle, concerns are raised that the child’s needs are such that they cannot be met through high quality differentiated EYFS provision. In consultation with parents, and other relevant professionals the setting SENCO may consider making a request for additional funding.

£10 per session

Category 2

At this level a fully completed SEN support plan with evidence of the assess -  plan - do review will be in place, which demonstrates the strategies used and that despite this little progress in their learning and development has been made. SEN Support Plan must be reviewed and updated to demonstrate progress made. 


Where agreement has been made to undertake an EHC needs assessment funding will be awarded for the specified time. SEN Support Plan must be reviewed and updated to demonstrate progress made. Funding at this level would be reviewed after a final decision (20 week assessment) is completed.

Awarded at

£20 per session


Category 3

High needs child - Support equivalent to full time is allocated usually for one term only to enable children who have complex needs to access provision, perhaps because specialist seating, aids or adaptations are not in place during the transition into the setting. 

Awarded at

£10 per hour or a specified contribution to specialist equipment or furniture

Category 4 - Support for a child with medical needs

Funding for a child with a disability, but without SEN would be subject to medical reports and evidence of Assess, Plan, Do, Review or a Support Plan. 

Amount agreed at panel to meet individual needs

A session is defined as a 3 hour period; adjustments may be made for a child accessing stretched hours.

Where a setting makes multiple applications, a decision may be made to award one overarching payment.  The expectation would be that the setting manages this payment to support the range of needs for all identified children.

Making an application

Please note under the current circumstances paper applications will not be accepted, applications need to be made using the online application form.

Applying for a child whom has previously been awarded funding

If you are applying for a child who has been awarded funding the previous term, you can submit a fast track application.

Fast track application

How to apply for funding

Having worked with the key worker, the staff team and parents to review the child’s responses to interventions and evidence, the SENCO may seek advice and support from the Area SENCo and attend a SENCo Advice Session. If there is evidence of need for additional funding, you can apply by following these steps:

1. Complete Form ‘A’ – Request for Additional SEND Funding.

Form ‘A’ – Request for Additional SEND Funding

2. The following supporting documentation MUST be submitted with your application*:



*We recognise that at present there may be circumstances where it is not possible to complete a full assessment of a child’s needs through a 4 + 1 review. Where this is the case and funding is being applied for to support the transition of a child into a new setting, Transition funding may be awarded. The maximum period that will be funded is six weeks at category 1.

This will enable SENCO’s to undertake a comprehensive assessment of the child’s longer-term needs and put in place appropriate support. In such cases, any subsequent follow-up application for AEN additional funding for the child would need to demonstrate how this funding has been used to address their needs.

3. Before submission you must get the child’s parent/carer to read and sign to agree to the request. 

4. Your application should be submitted by 5pm on the published deadline date.

Application checklist

When making applications and resubmissions for Additional SEND Funding, please ensure the following;

  1. The application is completed fully and no areas are left uncompleted.
  2. Ensure that the information contained within the application is correct i.e. child DOB
  3. Ensure that the parent or guardian has signed the application giving consent to share data, electronic signatures will not be accepted for both new applications and re-submissions.
  4. Ensure SEN support plans and/or other supporting documents where referenced to are contained within the application and up to date.
  5. If resubmissions are being made ensure that the most up to date information is contained and highlighting any interventions used and any child progress that has been made.

If any of these requirements are not met then the application for funding will be returned.

Assessment Process

Requests for additional funding will be considered by members of a Moderation and Decision-making Panel.


Providers will be notified of the outcome of their application within 15 working days of the advertised closing date for applications.

Action planning and monitoring by the setting

The SENCO/manager is responsible for setting an action plan and monitoring use of the Additional SEN Funding. Evidence of use will need to be made available to Oldham Council on request. The use of funding should be planned and monitored with the child’s family.