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Oldham Building Control continually strive to offer a service which is economic, efficient and effective. We proudly offer a truly independent and impartial service that is customer focused.

Pre-submission meetings

We are pleased to offer pre-submission advice free of charge on proposals that are to be submitted to us. Should you wish to discuss a project, it is more advantageous to arrange a specific appointment, allowing our officers to offer you quality time to discuss your issues. An appointment would also provide the opportunity for other interested parties to be invited. Early involvement is welcomed to provide maximum assistance to achieve a rapid approval of your scheme. Pre-submission meetings help to avoid both costly and wasteful design time, and thus reduce project costs.

We have ease of access to information from other Council services, such as Planning, Highways, Environmental Health and so on and also external agencies such as United Utilities. We also have a good relationship with the Greater Manchester Fire Service, which is particularly useful where work is of a non-domestic nature, and a Fire Certificate is required. It is therefore relatively easy for us to arrange meetings involving these various agencies.

National Standards

Since the advent of competition for the provision of Building Control services, there have been concerns that there might be a significant variation in the efficiency and effectiveness of the Building Control functions offered by the different parties.

The Construction Industry council (CIC), the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Association of Corporate Approved Inspectors (ACAI) have in conjunction with the Department of Transport, Land and the Regions (DTLR), recently collaborated to produce a set of standards to be adhered to by all Building Control bodies, whether in the public or private sector, thus promoting consistently high standards.

Oldham Building Control is committed to exceeding these set standards and we can therefore provide a fully accountable service that is continually monitored.

Local Authority Building Control (LABC)

Leaflets available on request

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