4. Enforcement Agent action

If you do not arrange with the Council to make payments towards your outstanding Council Tax, the Council may instruct an Enforcement Agent (formerly known as bailiffs) to visit your home. They may recover the debt by seizing your personal belongings and selling them at auction.

Any action taken by Enforcement Agents will be controlled by our code of conduct

There are three stages of Enforcement Agent Action:

1. Compliance stage

A letter will be issued requesting for you to pay your outstanding balance plus a compliance fee of £75.00. This letter is official notice that an Enforcement Agent will visit your property in seven days’ time to take control of your goods.

You have the option at this stage to pay the amount requested or contact the debt recovery team to offer a suitable payment arrangement.

2. Enforcement stage

If payment is not made or an agreement not reached, an Enforcement Agent will visit your property. An enforcement fee of £235 will then be added to your outstanding balance. If you owe more than £1,500, a further 7.5% of the total balance above £1,500 will be added.

An Enforcement Agent may visit your property between 6am and 9pm any day of the week. The only restriction being Christmas day and Easter Sunday.

During the visit an Enforcement Agent will make a list of your possessions equal to the debt outstanding. This is called a Controlled Goods Agreement. The goods can remain in your property however you would be prevented from disposing/selling those items without the Enforcement Agent’s permission.

3. Removal of goods stage

If an Enforcement Agent attends your property to remove your goods listed in the Controlled Goods Agreement you will incur further costs of £110 plus 7.5% for any balance due above £1,500.

Enforcement Agents may also recover reasonable costs that are incurred for the storage of goods removed, locksmiths and auctioneers.