3. What happens if I receive a Summons?

If you receive a summons you can:

  1. Pay the full amount shown on the summons, including the court costs. This will prevent any further recovery action taking place. Pay your Council Tax bill
  2. Accept the summons arrangement that we have offered you by completing and returning the arrangement slip on the back of the summons. You must pay the amount agreed to prevent any further recovery action taking place.
  3. Contact us and we will try to come to a reasonable payment arrangement with you.

At the Magistrates Court?

The Council will ask the magistrates to grant a liability order. You are not required to attend the hearing but you do have the right to appear in court.

If you dispute the summons that has been issued to you please contact us. We will look into your dispute and aim to make a decision before the hearing day.

Once a liability order has been granted, unless you have already entered into an arrangement to pay, the Council will have the option to take any of the following actions to recover the outstanding Council Tax:

  • Demand information about your job or benefits
  • Deduct directly from your wages
  • Deduct directly from your benefits
  • Deduct directly from your allowance if you’re an elected member of a council
  • Take enforcement agent action
  • Request for a charging order to be made against your property
  • Start bankruptcy proceedings against you
  • Apply for you to be sent to prison

Any outstanding appeal against your property band, Council Tax Support award or liability is not a valid defence against the granting of a liability order.