Council Tax discounts

Council Tax Reduction for people on a low income

You may be eligible for help to pay your Council Tax if you are on a low income.


To qualify, you must be:

  • On a low income
  • Responsible for paying Council Tax

Anyone can make a claim, but if your income or savings are more than £16,000 you may not be eligible.

If you are entitled to Universal Credit and are liable to pay Council Tax, you may be eligible for Council Tax Reduction. Oldham Council is responsible for awarding Council Tax and you must claim this separately from Universal Credit.


You can use the online form to calculate what you may be entitled to and make a claim.

The first part of the form calculates an amount that you may be eligible to receive. You can then continue to make a claim. 

You may also need to provide original documents as proof of your identification, rent, income, and savings. 

You only need to complete this form if:

  • You have never claimed Council Tax Reduction before in Oldham
  • You do not already receive Council Tax Reduction in Oldham 

Apply now

If your Council Tax Reduction claim is currently suspended please complete the change of circumstances form.

Change of circumstances

You must tell the council if any of your circumstances change.

You need to complete this form if you currently claim Council Tax Reduction in Oldham and:

  • You no longer require benefit
  • You have moved or are moving address within the borough
  • You/your partner have had a change in income
  • Your Council Tax Reduction is currently suspended due to you/your partner’s DWP benefits ending. (You will need to advise us of you/your partners income since your benefit ended e.g.  wages, hardship payments, no income)
  • You have had a change in household members
  • Any other changes e.g. if you want to change who we pay benefits to (partner/spouse), a change in bank account details, a change in your property, a change of capital

Report a change of circumstances

View your claim

You can view a summary of a current claim online. (You'll need to register or log in to My Account.)

View your claim


You can appeal your award of Council Tax Reduction if you feel that the decision is wrong.

You must appeal in writing to the Council Tax Team. You should receive a reply within 2 months.

If you are still unhappy with the outcome of your appeal or have not had a reply within 4 months of submitting your appeal, you can appeal directly to the Valuation Tribunal Service.

Council Tax Team
Access Oldham
Level 4, Civic Centre
West Street
Oldham, OL1 1UG
Tel 0161 770 6622