Coronavirus: Local restrictions

The Government has introduced a 3-tier set of rules for England – Medium, High and Very High. Oldham is in the High Tier.

Coronavirus: Information and advice

1. Coronavirus and Licensing Service Delivery

Please find below some important and urgent information in relation to the effect of Coronavirus and how it is impacting on Licensing’s service delivery.

Staffing and enquiries

Our administration team are working extremely hard to keep up with the demand of processing applications and responding to the many queries coming in each day. As you can appreciate there are a great many people who require assistance and as such, there are delays in responding to enquries. As staff are processing applications from home, the network systems we use are running a lot slower than usual, therefore, please note there is a five working day turnaround for all applications and emails. We appreciate your patience in these difficult times and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Email applications and documents

If you are required to email documents to accompany your application, please ensure all your attachments are included in only one email. Please do not send multiple emails, as our team will not be able to process your request, and therefore will result in further delays in your application and could impact on your availabity to work.


We are currently unable to take telephone calls due to high volumes of staff absence and a high demand for our services. If you have an enquiry that is urgent please emailL 

Counter Opening Times

All contact should be made by email:

In the short term only scanned in documents emailed to us will be accepted. We will not be taking copies of paper documents.

The licensing office is now closed with no staff on site. Please email enquires to

Other services disrupted

There will be no new driver appointments until further notice.

There will be no written tests until further notice.

Driver Awareness Courses are postponed and will be re-scheduled.


We appreciate that drivers will not be able to get medicals from their GP at the moment in order to renew licences with us. In order to help with this process, we have a form for drivers to self-declare their medical status on which is available below:

Once completed please email it to us at:

Vehicle licences

Online vehicle applications are fully up and running in the usual way. If you need to book your vehicle in please see the Hackney Carriage/Private Hire section of our website for details and guidance.

From Monday 3 August 2020, we will have full testing capacity at Moorhey Street. This means that all vehicle test appointments will be resuming from that date including all 2nd and 3rd tests.

Anyone who has renewed online needs to refer to their original booking email to check when their 2nd and 3rd tests are booked in for.

If your 2nd or 3rd test date falls on or after 3rd August 2020 you will be required to attend

If you fail to attend your vehicle examination test it will result in the suspension of your vehicle and you will be required to re-book and will be charged £45 to do so.

Please take the time to refer to your original booking email, which you received when you submitted your application, this will have all details of your future test dates.

For all vehicle applications being submitted online, once you have presented your vehicle at Moorhey Street and have passed your vehicle test, you must submit your vehicle documents via email to This will enable us to make your licence plates.

Failure to provide your vehicle documents will result in delays or your plates not being made at all. Once your application has been processed a member of the team will contact you with a date and time to collect your licence and plates. The Licensing Office remains closed at all other times, therefore you must wait for a member of the team to contact you. If you attend at any other time you will not be seen.

Driver Licences

  1. Apply and pay online as usual. Full licence fees are now being taken. 
  2. Apply for your DBS check / DVLA check if required through the usual means via the Personnel Checks website. When your DBS is received please scan/send photo of your Certificate and email to the licensing office. Then immediately register for the DBS online service.
  3. Return the temporary medical declaration form which can be found on our website in the driver renewal section.
  4. Once checks have been made, if a licence is granted, you will be contacted to be given a date and time to attend the Licensing Office to collect your licence/badge.

If a driver does not wish to renew at this time they may renew up to the 30 September without having to apply for a new licence and sit any test.

Temporary Licence Update

All those who have renewed their badges/vehicles between March and 28 June 2020 will currently be working on a temporary extension letter and displaying their expired badges/plates. These temporary extensions will expire at 00:00hrs on 31 JULY 2020.

To continue to work, you MUST go online and pay in full for your renewal before 31 July 2020. Once you have paid, your plate and/or badge will be made, and you will be contacted with a date/time to collect.

All drivers who are working on temporary extensions will be emailed individually in the coming weeks to tell them the exact amount they are required to pay and will be provided a link to the website to make the payment.

If you do not pay before 31 July 2020 you will be suspended with immediate effect and will not be able to work. Anyone found continuing whilst suspended will face enforcement action.

Pavement licences