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2. How the Council will deal with your complaint

The Council provides a fair, consistent and structured approach to dealing with your complaint.

In many cases, a complaint is very straightforward. It’s the council’s aim to make sure you get a response as soon as possible – in some cases we can respond to people immediately or on the on the same day.

If the complaint is more complex, you might be asked to agree a statement of complaint, and working towards a resolution will take a little longer.

A statement of complaint is just a synopsis of the issues raised that makes it more straightforward for the complaint investigator to ensure that everything involved in the complaint is fully understood and agreed by everyone involved.

At this point, the complaints team will arrange for an investigation to take place.

The Complaints Team will ensure that the appropriate person within the council provides you with a final response after it has been investigated.

Some parts of the council have a different complaints system that they must use.

You can use the Complaints Team contact details above to make any complaints, and you can also use the links below to view information specific to the different complaint areas:

Local Government Ombudsman

On rare occasions, you may feel that the final response issued by the council still does not take account of your concerns.

You can still get in touch with the complaints team to discuss your outstanding concerns.

If your response from the council is final, you can also get in touch with the Local Government Ombudsman (LGO).

The Local Government Ombudsman looks at complaints about councils after the complaint has already been investigated and responded to by the council.

It is a free service.

Their job is to investigate complaints in a fair and independent way.


The Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771