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Get a coronavirus vaccination

Vaccinations are now available to anyone aged 12 or above. Anyone over 12 can book online. Anyone over 16 can visit one of our local vaccine clinics without an appointment.

Get a vaccination

You can talk to your councillor about a wide range of issues that affect you or your community.

What can a councillor help with?

Councillors are fair and impartial advocates for you.

You can raise any kind of issue with them, but some examples include:

  1. You have had an interaction with the council and you aren't happy with the outcome e.g you reported a problem about fly tipping and it wasn't resolved to your satisfaction.
  2. You have an issue in your neighbourhood e.g. anti social behaviour.
  3.   You have a personal problem e.g. issues with a benefit, or you are concerned your child isn't being taught properly.

How to get in touch

1. In person

You can drop in to a ward surgery without an appointment.

Ward surgeries are held regularly in your neighbourhood, however not all councillors attend every week. Check the schedule to see if your councillor is attending a ward surgery this week

2. Phone or email

You can phone or email your councillor directly.