My Account routine maintenance 5 - 8 March 2021

We are carrying out some maintenance work on our My Account system between 5 - 8 March 2021. Some services will be unavailable during this time. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Affected services

4. 2020 Annual Canvass

The annual canvass ensures that Oldham Council can keep the electoral register up to date, identifying any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so.

At the end of July you will be sent a canvass form detailing all the people in the household who are currently registered to vote. The government has made some changes to the canvass this year and now you only have to respond if you are told to do so, or if there are any amendments or additions to be made to the information provided.

Please ensure you read your letter carefully to check if you need to respond or not. If there are changes you must let us know. If you don't you could be fined £1,000.

The canvass has to be carried out by law and activity has not been suspended as a result of Covid 19. When households need to inform us of changes, it is important that responses are made as soon as possible. This will make sure the process runs smoothly.  It also means that there will be no need for a personal contact (an Inspector visiting or telephoning your property to gather this information), which is particularly important at this time.

You can provide the information online or use the telephone or text services instead of posting the paper form to us. 

You must have your security codes to hand to use these services.  Your security codes can be found on the letter.

What you need to do

If you need to make changes you can do this at:

or update the form and send it back to us.

If you do not have your form to hand, have lost it or have any further questions please contact us on:

  • T: 0161 770 4718.

Please remember, adding a name to the form does not register that individual on the electoral register. They must also either register to vote online or complete an Invitation to Register form.

Invitations to Register

Where names are added of eligible individuals not currently registered to vote, we will send them each an Invitation to Register form. 

What you need to do:

This must be completed online at

or using the paper form.

You can use this service to:

Register to vote, or

Update your name, address or other details

It takes less than 5 minutes and saves the Council money on printing and postage.

You will need your National Insurance number and date of birth. Your National Insurance number can be found on your National Insurance card or letter, or on official paper work such as payslips or letters about tax or benefits. If you cannot find your National Insurance number, you will need to arrange to have it sent to you by the government.

If you haven't been given a National Insurance number, you will need to provide a reason when applying. We will then contact you to provide further evidence as to your identity.

If you wish to apply online to register to vote before we send out an Invitation to Register form you can do so, but please ensure that as well as registering to vote individually you also let us have details of the changes in your household on your canvass form

If you have any queries or require any further information, please call our helpline on 0161 770 4718

To be amended / added when personal contact approaches have been agreed

Personal contact by Council Inspectors

Council Inspectors will be contacting all properties where we have not had a response to the either the canvass form (or an Invitation to Register).  

This contact will either be by telephone or a household visit and will take place between 1 September and 1 October 2020.

The purpose is to assist householders to complete their forms. All Council Inspectors will carry a photo identity card which they will show when they are explaining the reason for their visit.   

If you have any queries or require any further information, please call our helpline on 0161 770 4718