Postal voting

If you do not apply for a postal vote but will be unable to vote in person, you may want to find out about applying to vote by proxy (see below).

If you have applied for a postal vote, you will receive a voting pack in the post including instructions on how to vote.

Pleases read the instructions thoroughly to make sure your vote is counted.

When you get your postal voting pack, including the ballot paper, make sure you put it somewhere safe and don't give it to anyone or leave it where anyone else can pick it up.

It’s up to you when you vote – you can do it straightaway – but ensure you complete your ballot paper in secret and don’t let anyone else vote for you.

Once everything is complete, post it back yourself. If you can’t do that, give it to somebody you know and trust to do it for you.

If you need help filling in your postal vote, call the Elections team on 0161 770 4718.

If you need more information on voting please visit the Electoral Commission website at

Proxy voting - appoint someone to cast your vote

A proxy vote is for when you cannot get to the polling station on polling day so you appoint somebody to cast your vote for you.

Your appointed person must be allowed to vote in UK elections and willing to vote for you.

You can only appoint someone to cast your vote if:

  • You are an overseas or service voter
  • You have a physical disability
  • You are away from home due to work or a course
  • You have to travel by air or sea to get to your nearest polling station

In all these cases (except if you are registered blind) you must ask someone to certify on your application that the reason is valid (for example, your doctor or employer).

You can contact the Elections Office for an application form or download one from the About My Vote website.