Coronavirus: Local restrictions

The Government has introduced a 3-tier set of rules for England – Medium, High and Very High. Oldham is in the High Tier.

Coronavirus: Information and advice

6. Harvest-ometer

The Harvest-ometer is a simple online tool which helps growers keep track of how much food they grow and how much money they save.

It stores your yield data and converts it into a money value, meal value and makes great graphs that you can show friends, family, supporters or even funders!

Reasons to use the harvest-ometer

  • To see how much you and your volunteers can grow.
  • To include in funding applications or on your website.
  • Because good gardeners keep records to improve yields (see Sustain Grow More Food publication).
  • To help us show policy-makers that growing food has a high value.

How does it work?

Simply register your garden ( it’s free to join) and start using it today: