Guidance for Landlords during the Coronavirus pandemic | Guidance for Landlords during the Coronavirus pandemic | Oldham Council
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Do you live in a privately rented home?

If yes, Oldham Council wants your views – so we can better understand your experiences and shape services for the future. We’ve launched a survey that asks for your experiences as a tenant on a wide range of topics including:

  • The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on your housing situation
  • Maintenance and repairs to your home and
  • Rent arrangements

The more private rented tenants we hear from the more confident we can be in our findings. The survey is completely anonymous and open until Sunday 4 July 2021.

To take part in the survey follow this link Find out more 

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Landlords and Tenants in the private rented sector have been impacted significantly by the coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the challenges landlords and tenants may be facing, both parties are reminded that help and support are available.

In addition to help and support landlords and tenants are encouraged to begin and continue having open and frank discussions about their tenancies.

Rent Mediation Service

The Government has introduced a new Rent Mediation Service for landlords and tenants.

The free pilot service that launched in February 2021 is designed to help landlords and tenants going through housing possession via the courts to resolve their cases without the need for a face to face hearing.

Both parties must agree to go through mediation along with any outcome that is reached.

Landlords and tenants who are interested in mediation should discuss and request this with the representative or the duty solicitor or advisor at the court.

Mediation can be the most effective and efficient solution for landlords and tenants given the long notice periods and court backlog.

The Council advises landlords and tenants to consider mediation when considering possession proceedings through the courts.


Landlords that may be feeling the negative impact of coronavirus are also reminded that there is a wealth of support out there for them.

The NRLA have developed useful information to help and landlords navigate through this difficult period:

Universal Credit

Landlords who may be renting to tenants on Universal Credit (UC) should make every effort to familiarise themselves with the support the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has on offer, including:

The DWP has improved the way landlords can apply for Alternative Payment Arrangements (APA). Landlords are advised to follow the instructions to request direct rental payments at the start of the tenancy or if their tenants fall into arrears of more than two months.

Advice and training

The Council recognises that landlords have also been affected hugely by the pandemic, so we want to take this opportunity to offer free advice and training events for landlords.

Landlords play a vital role in developing a private rented sector that we can all be proud of and Oldham Council recognises it has a duty to ensure landlords feel supported.

That’s why we want to invite landlords and letting agents to sign up to our upcoming event that offers useful tools and tips that will save them time and money. If you are interested, please register your details here.

Mental health support

Given the economic and social impact of coronavirus, it essential that landlords and tenants seek support with their mental health and not to suffer in silence.

There is plenty of support for people who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders, or simply need someone to talk to: