When you make an application to the UK Border Agency to move to the United Kingdom, you may need confirmation that the home you plan to move to has been inspected.

An inspection will:

  • Check for serious hazards
  • Make sure the house is big enough for everyone who wants to live there


If the property is suitable you will get documents that can be used as part of a visa application.

Arrange an inspection

1. Complete the payment details form

You can complete the form online, or print a PDF to take the post office.

2. Pay the fee

It is £150 for the inspection.

You can either pay online or pay at the post office (with the form you downloaded in step 1).

Or you can pay over the phone (0161 770 2244).

3. Contact Housing Enforcement

To make an appointment you must have paid your £150 fee first.

If you pay at the post office, you will receive a receipt.

If you pay online or by telephone, you will be given a reference number.

When you have this confirmation that you've paid the fee, please contact Housing Enforcement to make an appointment for one of our officers to visit the property.

When the officer visits you, they will need to see proof that you have paid your fee, and a copy of the form. If you have completed the form online you must choose to have an email receipt sent to you.

Please note that if you can't provide this, our officers will have to cancel the inspection.