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Do not make visits to other people's homes or gardens. Restrictions on care home visiting are not being relaxed. Those who are shielding should continue to take extra care.

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1. TOP Awards 2019

We are extremely proud of our colleagues at Oldham Council. Delivering timely and efficient services would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of our people.

That’s why we have the 'TOP Awards' – an annual reward and recognition scheme which allows us to express our gratitude and celebrate the outstanding efforts of colleagues who work with a resident focus every single day.

The scheme helps us to identify and celebrate those individuals from Oldham Council, NHS Oldham CCG, Unity Partnership, MioCare, OCL Oldham GP Practices and Oldham Schools who best represent our values and behaviours.

There are seven awards each with its own criteria which should be reflected in nominations. However, this does not have to be for large ground-breaking projects, a person or team may exhibit the criteria in their everyday work. We are looking for examples of where a person or team has really made a difference to the lives or experiences of Oldham residents or their colleagues.

Behaviours and Values

Cooperative Values

  • Fairness – We will champion fairness and equality of opportunity and ensure working together brings mutual benefits and the greatest possible added value. We will enable everyone to be involved.
  • Openness – We will be open and honest in our actions and communications. We will take decisions in a transparent way and at the most local level possible.
  • Responsibility – We take responsibility for, and answer to our actions. We will encourage people to take responsibility for themselves and their actions. Mutual benefits go hand-in-hand with mutual obligations.
  • Working together – We will work together and support each other in achieving common goals, making sure the environment is in place for self-help.
  • Accountability – We recognise and act upon the impact of our actions on others and hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders.
  • Respect – We recognise and welcome different views and treat each other with dignity and respect.
  • Democracy – We believe and act within the principles of democracy and promote these across the borough.


  • Work with a resident focus
  • Support Local Leaders
  • Committed to the Borough
  • Take ownership and drive change
  • Deliver high performance

Award Categories

Employee of the Year

The Employee of the Year Award celebrates colleagues who strive to provide a cooperative service for our residents and communities. The award showcases contributions against the council values and behaviours. 

  • Thinks of others and the needs of residents before thinking of themselves 
  • Demonstrates a commitment to leading and living the council values and behaviours 
  • Demonstrates clear achievements and outstanding performance 
  • Goes above and beyond to give their time, through volunteering inside and/or outside of work – showing their support for the council, local organisations and charities  
  • Sets a good example and is a positive role model

Fit for Oldham Award

The Fit for Oldham Award celebrates the improvements colleagues have made to their own health and wellbeing. This could be participation in internal initiatives or external activities across the borough. 

  • How their health and wellbeing has improved
  • How this improvement has made a difference to their performance at work and increased their enthusiasm in carrying out their responsibilities
  • How this improvement will be sustained and contribute towards continuing improvement in the workplace
  • How they have encouraged fellow colleagues to take responsibility for their own health and wellbeing

Front Line Services Award

This category celebrates the efforts of our colleagues working at the front line of our organisation. The award should reflect your experience when dealing with a member of our front line services. It does not need to fully reflect our values and behaviours but must demonstrate the difference you feel they have made to you or our residents.

  • Shows commitment to their role
  • Willing to go over and above for our residents
  • Thinks of the needs of our residents
  • Makes a difference to you or our residents

Leader of the Year

Nominees in this category will have demonstrated several of the following examples of exceptional leadership but may not necessarily be a team leader or a manager as part of their job role.

  • Creates a compelling vision of the council values and behaviours and helps others understand how to achieve them in their role
  • Motivates and inspires the people around them to accomplish more than they would have normally
  • Inspires a high level of commitment from others when taking on new initiatives
  • Leads by example and maintains high personal standards

Team of the Year

Nominees for team of the year will have demonstrated several of the following examples of exceptional team work.

  • Shows true team spirit
  • Demonstrates their ability to deliver an excellent service by working together effectively and efficiently
  • Shares the council values and behaviours and achieve success together
  • Positively seek to achieve close working relationships with other sections, departments and external organisations

Young Employee of the Year

This award will go to an outstanding young employee who works for the council or one of its partners. They will demonstrate several of the following behaviours.

  • Dedicated to leading and living the council values and behaviours
  • Displays enthusiasm in carrying out their responsibilities
  • Demonstrates a willingness to learn and to take on extra duties
  • Outstanding contribution to the workforce

Nominations for this year’s TOP Awards open on Monday 4 February 2019 so if you know an employee or team who works for us or our partners and goes above and beyond each day, make sure you submit a nomination.

Community Contribution Award

This category recognises the excellent work that is carried out each and every day across the local communities of Oldham by our colleagues and partner organisations. 

  • Deliver services which provide a tangible benefit to the health and wellbeing of our residents
  • Share their knowledge, time and expertise to improve and enhance the services we deliver
  • Identifies new opportunities for working with partners from a range of agencies to deliver the best possible service
  • Promotes and engages with ideas and opportunities to change the way we work for the better
  • Show dedication to their local community through devoting their time to helping others